How To Save $$$$s On Your Home Purchase

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As home prices have risen dramatically the last few years (yes, they are starting to inch down now), many people find their dream house seemingly out of reach. Don’t despair, here are some tips to save a thousands on your home purchase and lower costs.
Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone
Ok maybe not your comfort zone, but expanding your search area can make a big difference. If you are priced out of your preferred neighborhood, try expanding your search to nearby areas where housing prices can be significantly lower.
Credit Check?
Check your credit score and see if there are any issues that need to be addressed. Since your credit score has a big impact on getting lower interest rates, if there are fixable issues it can make a difference!
Down Payment Support
If you need help with your down payment, there are a number of different programs as well as local ones that maybe able to provide support for the down payment.
For help on your specific situation, fill out our home purchase qualifier on our website to help find your best fit in todays environment.